Frequently Asked Questions

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UpGo® is an education and technology (EdTech) company on a mission to empower today’s youth with life skills. UpGo’s Cyber Safety App teaches internet safety regarding cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, good decision making, and social media safety. And the UpGo technology platform allows 3rd-party subject matter experts to affordably publish their own content and expertise in an UpGo app to empower today’s youth with life skills.

UpGo YES™ is the UpGo Youth Empowerment System™. UpGo YES, includes:
  • UpGo smartphone app — Optimized to teach life skills to students and families.
  • UpGo curriculum — Including videos, quizzes, discussion questions and Technology Use Contract.
  • UpGo community — Engage on Facebook, YouTube and other media.
  • UpGo Youth Empowerment Platform™ (UpGo YEP™) — An e-learning platform for subject matter experts to publish their own courses and smartphone apps.

The UpGo homepage has several app screenshots, and there are even more screenshots on the Press Kit page. You can see sample videos on the UpGo YouTube channel. But, the best way to get the experience of the integrated videos, quizzes, discussion questions, contracts, etc. is to download the app. It’s free!

Currently the UpGo app is available for Apple iPhones and iPads. An Android version (for Samsung, HTC, etc. phones) and a web browser version (for Google Chromebooks and other laptop and desktop computers) is in development. Also, several UpGo videos can be viewed from any device at or on the UpGo YouTube channel, however, only the app offers the full experience of videos, quizzes, discussion questions, contract, student assignments, progress tracking, etc.

UpGo is FREE to download, and the Top Cyber Safety Tips Knowledge Pack is free. It includes several educational videos, a quiz, discussion questions and a Technology Use Contract parents can use to establish rules with their student. Features that allow the adult to assign students videos and track student progress are also included in the free download. Additional Knowledge Packs are available as an in-app purchase at a nominal fee. For example, the entire Anti-Bullying Program is available for only $4.99, and it’s a one-time purchase; no recurring subscription fee. And that covers the entire family (up to five users). School or other group pricing available upon request.

See UpGo in the Apple app store here.

Every child is different, so, as per the Terms of Service, it’s the parents responsibility to review the material and decide what’s best for their child. Most UpGo content is geared toward middle school and high school students, and UpGo believes its material is appropriate for most kids age 10 or older. Care is taken to discuss sensitive topics with tact. For example, we discuss the importance of protecting one’s self from bad people who many want to do terrible things, but we don’t discuss the details of what a pedophile might actually do. As another example, we discuss that cyberbullying can lead to people harming themselves or even suicide, but we don’t dwell on suicide details nor tell specific stories of a person that took their life.

That said, it’s worth repeating: Every child is different, so, as per the Terms of Service, it’s the parents responsibility to review the material and decide what’s best for their child.

UpGo YEP(tm) is an e-learning platform, learning management system and rapid app development platform that makes it easy and affordable for subject matter experts (youth organizations, authors, life coaches, psychologists, etc.) to publish e-learning courses into the UpGo catalog, or to publish their own private-labeled e-learning apps. UpGo makes it easy for youth experts to get their content and expertise to their target audience through the student’s favorite medium — their smartphone. For more information, email

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