Blinders Are For Horses

Blinders Are For Horses

Do You Have Blinders On When It Comes To Cyber Safety?

Blinders are great to prevent horses from seeing anything but the task in front of them. But blinders are a bad idea for humans. We need to be able to use our peripheral vision, and all our senses, to protect ourselves properly.

You’ve heard the phrase, there are bad people in the world. And it’s true. There are people that will, flat out, steal from you, stalk, scam, or assault you.

Now, you may be rolling your eyes right now, thinking, yeah, but I don’t have to worry about that, here in my area.

To you I say, please don’t be naïve.

Because if we looked up the the crime databases in your area, and the many many crimes that go unreported, I guarantee you, there are heinous, terrible, unthinkable acts that are committed, not only in your county, or your city, but even your school, your neighborhood, possibly even in your circle of family and friends.

Please, commit to yourself right now to:

  • Not wear blinders
  • Be aware
  • Be careful

That girl you friended from the school in the next town.. their profile pic and bio could be totally fake, they could actually be a sick, creepy old man, who’s trying to get to you.

Ask Yourself This:

  • Do you accept friend requests from anyone who requests it?
  • Are you sharing your location in your apps or in your photos?
  • Do you tell people that you’ve never met in real life, your full name, your school or where you live?

Those habits would be fine IF we lived in a safe little bubble. Unfortunately, we have to WATCH OUT, for the people that are WORKING HARD to try to hurt us.

Please commit to yourself, right now, to not to wear blinders. Be aware. And be careful. Please don’t say, “It will never happen to me.” Because, do you know what the victims always tell police? “I never thought it would happen to me.”

It CAN happen to YOU.

Take off the blinders.

Look out for yourself.