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Don’t let your child use their phone or computer without internet safety education. Give them the UpGo® Cyber Safety App.

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The Dangers are Real

Cyberbullying, sexting and online predators can ruin lives in an instant.

The Consequences Extreme

Physical and psychological harm, school expulsion, job/college application rejection.

Education is the Key

Kids MUST get practical internet safety education. The UpGo app makes that easy.

It's Not

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This FREE UpGo Knowledge Pack delivers several internet safety video lessons, including:
  • Cyberbullying – The One Thing You Must Know. This cyberbullying lesson discusses the meaning of cyberbullying, how to tell bullying versus teasing, and the importance of asking for help.
  • Sexting – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? This internet safety video overviews the illegality and consequences of sexting.
  • Blinders are for Horses. This online safety video lesson discusses the importance of maintaining situational awareness, and the dangers of friending strangers and posting your location or personal information.
  • Stay Away from the Gray. This internet safety video shows how “But I was just joking” and other behavior “in the gray area” should be avoided.

This UpGo Knowledge Pack also includes a parent-child contract — the Technology Use Agreement — to establish common sense house rules for internet and social media safety.

UpGo’s anti-bullying program for teenagers and pre-teens, in-home or in middle school or high school: The UpGo Cyberbullying AID Program™. AID stands for Awareness, Intervention and Defense. This comprehensive anti-bullying program uses videos, quizzes and discussion questions to empower students with the following anti-bullying tools and techniques:
  • The APA Technique — Assess, Plan then Act
  • The BullyFISH Bully Detector™
  • Bullying PEACE Plan™

The UpGo Cyberbullying AID Program is delivered via the UpGo app.

The APA Technique — Assess, Plan then Act — gives students a tool to thoughtfully figure out what to do when they see bad behavior, instead of acting hastily in emotion, which too often makes matters worse. The APA Process is taught in the app as part of the UpGo Cyberbullying AID Program Knowledge Pack.

The BullyFISH Bully Detector™ enables students to differentiate true bullying vs. teasing, and to gauge/evaluate how potentially dangerous the situation is and how urgent it is to act. The FISH acronym — for Frequency, Intent to harm, Severity, and Harm — and the BullyFISH character make the takeaways both memorable and actionable. The BullyFISH Bully Detector is taught as part of the UpGo Cyberbullying AID Program Knowledge Pack.

UpGo’s Bullying PEACE Plan™ answers the question, how can bullying or cyberbullying be stopped. It educates students on the range of actions one can take to address bullying and when each tactic might be most appropriate. The PEACE acronym — for Partner with someone to help, Empathize, Ask to stop, Command to stop, and Escalate to authorities — guides students through an easy-to-use framework to consider approximately a dozen bully response tactics. The Bullying PEACE Plan is taught as part of the UpGo Cyberbullying AID Program Knowledge Pack.

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TAC is the Secret Sauce for Student Success

UpGo’s secret sauce — the combination of Technology, Accountability and Content-for-empowerment (TAC) — fuels effective learning of internet safety skills for middle school and high school students.

T - Technology

A - Accountability

C - Content for Empowerment

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